Coffee is my love language

Coffee is my love language

I’m a mother of two wonderful children. My youngest, my baby boy, has ADHD. Normally my day would consist of a cup of coffee. Let me tell you about how awesome coffee can lie to me.

I mean I am a stay at home mom. I get up early. Get my kids awake. I make sure to spend time on my own personal self care. I’m not sorry that I wake up with the sun just so I can get into the shower. You should see my hair. I have no intentions of being mother Medusa. However, never ask my daughter that because she would agree that I am.

I have chores to do all day. Kids to get off to school. Dinner to prepare. All while I need to be working on my writing and going to doctors appointments.

Coffee has become my best friend. As a child you would have never gotten me to drink the stuff. It smelled bad. When I was twenty my college buddy asked me if I liked coffee. I turned my nose up at her. She insisted I try this one coffee.

Off we went to Starbucks. She ordered me a caramel Frappuccino with one pump mocha. I was still ready to turn my nose up. One sip later and I was hooked.

Now don’t get me wrong I understand some people love their black coffee. My coffee has its own formula. I need just enough water in the pot, a decent scoop of coffee grounds. It has to be Folgers caramel drizzle. I need a scoop of original Coffee-mate powdered creamer. Some caramel Coffee-mate liquid creamer and you got my coffee.

Okay, I get it. Its sweeter than most would like. Its my get up and go fuel. I need it to survive the day. You can’t have a happy mom in my house without coffee.

I truly believe that my love language is coffee.

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