Thing 2: The deadly Lego’s

Thing 2: The deadly Lego’s


I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas early last year. “Lego’s.”

I was determined that he got Lego’s. I would add some other items to the list. Each year I went black Friday shopping and would join the crowd at Walmart. My goal would be to get DVDs, pajamas for the kids, and anything else I deemed worth of my time and money.

I began collecting Lego’s in September. I began small with the little boxes of Lego’s in the single colors, red, blue, green. I would wait for the bigger sets of Lego’s to go on sale.

When the time came for Christmas to come around I had a bunch of Lego sets. We went to Phoenix to visit family and they got him more Lego’s. I tell you he has more Legos than I know what to do with.

I was smart and went back to Walmart to be a decent size Rubbermaid container so the Lego’s would be placed in at the end of the day. I still find some random Legos on the floor.

I never thought that the Lego’s would be a big hit. The day he opened the first box he began building this and that. I’ve seen him build a pyramid, a large heart, a robot, a rocket ship. All these things he’s done without instructions.

I was amazed by the rocket ship, then the heart, and now his latest is a tall tower. He is proud of his work. So I’m careful not to vacuum up a Lego. I’m careful not to step on a Lego. That would be the worst and I don’t want to end up hating the Lego’s. Plus, it would be my fault if I stepped on a Lego because I was looking.

After homework is done I don’t complain that my son plays with his Lego’s. He’s happy building someone from his mind and knowing its giving him a place to focus makes me a happy mom.

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