Mommy Needs a Timeout

Mommy Needs a Timeout


Some days I want to scream at my children. Then I realize it’s not their fault. It’s the weekday war that begins my day. Monday mornings are a race. I have to get myself up and ready. That means I cannot sleep for even a little extra five minutes. I have to make sure I set the example my children need from me.

I make sure that I do what I have to in order to do my daily self-care. This means I wake up at 4:45am (which is really 5 am). I get up to take my first set of vitamins. It’s my routine and these are the gummy ones. Then I pick out my clothes for the day. I might wear leggings, sweatpants, actual pants, or yoga pants. Hey if it’s a good day I might even put on a maxi skirt. Then I take my shower.

Its a goal of mine since Thing 1 is the eldest that I wake her up first. I turn her bedroom light on and then make sure to say something to her. I think this is an area I should work on. Saying things like “Good morning Sunshine,” or “Rise and shine beautiful.” Something a little encouraging.

After I have showered and gotten myself prepped I make sure that Thing 1 is actually awake. I then pick out the clothes for Thing 2. It’s a whole lot easier for me to do it this way since he is my ADHD child. He can get distracted very easily.

Now, this is where World War 3 begins. Its a struggle to get Thing 2 out of bed. He always begs for more sleep. He’s the first one to bed at no later than 9pm. I have begun reading books to him at night which help with our routine.

Then its time for me to make lunch for Thing 1. I take the rest of my supplements, prep the meds for Thing 2. I check on him for about the 3rd time to make sure he is getting dressed. I make myself my morning shake. Make the kids their breakfast.

World War 3 has erupted because Thing 2 isn’t dressed, we have to find socks, his belt is MIA. I am lucky by this point that I haven’t ripped out my hair. I make sure to get Thing 2 his glasses, his vitamins, I brush his hair. Then it’s getting him to take his medicine, eat breakfast, and drink his shake.

I’m lucky if my children don’t fight. That there might not be screaming. God love me that I pray the yelling isn’t coming from me. All while this is just Monday. This goes on all the way until Friday.

My day is never-ending. At times I forget to eat breakfast. I need my fuel too. I need coffee and something in my stomach. The thought of walking into my clean kitchen from the night before to make another mess is a nightmare. Then only to clean it up and make another mess at dinner time. The dishes are never-ending. Oh, did I mention I can’t use my dishwasher?

Somedays I want to scream into my pillow. Other days I want the world to be quiet because my head is killing me. Then I have a moment where I want to go on a long drive with my coffee in hand. I’ll turn the radio up and no kids in the car and have some peace.

At night when I have Thing 2 in bed and I know Thing 1 is getting read, I take a timeout. I know I could go to bed. I could watch a little TV. I just go into my room with no one to bother me and I read.

This is what I do because Mommy needs a timeout. I might only read a chapter or two, but I take that time to de-stress. I should work on how to make my mornings better, but my kids aren’t exactly like I was. I had a routine I did as a child. I did my mornings on my own.

One day I will learn something that helps my children be little angels when they wake up. Today just isn’t that day. When the day comes to an end its okay to take a timeout. You’re not being a bad mother. It’s your time. Your kids with thank you for it.


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