Having a child with ADHD doesn’t make me a bad mother

Having a child with ADHD doesn’t make me a bad mother

I love my son. I know we have our struggles. His reading and writing skills are in need of improvement. However, try explaining that you have a child with ADHD to the family.


As a toddler, I knew he was hyperactive. We had issues at church with him being an escape artist. It wasn’t until he got into the second grade that it became time to handle the hyperactivity.

Now it doesn’t mean that my son is a bad child. His mind works faster than it should. On top of that, he gets bored easily.

One of the issues we have had is his communication skills. He has a hard time talking. Sometimes you can understand what he is saying. Other times it comes out as a jumbled mess. He’s always been that way.

You look at his sister who was always attached to my hip. I spoke to her like she was my best friend and she talks great. She knows how to use big words. She always has been.

Does that mean I did something wrong with Thing 2? No. It just means he is different. Does that mean I should restructure how he is punished to correct the behavior? No.


A child with ADHD has to have punishments that fit the child. I can’t just spank him. He has to understand that what he is doing is wrong and has consequences. There are times were he cannot help his behavior.

Does what I do make me a bad parent? No. I watch my son. I learn his behavior. So I gave him a medication to take the edge off the hyperactivity. That in no way makes me a bad parent.

I have studied ADHD in children. I’m still learning what is best for my child. What one does for there child may not work for mine.

I love my son. I’ll do what I feel is best to help him. I am not a bad mother.

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