Do I spank my Children?

Do I spank my Children?



I was spanked as a child. Now in no way am I saying don’t spank your child. However, I do believe that the punishment should fit the crime.

I have told both my children if they continue to do something wrong they would be punished. I have spanked them. By the time it gets to the point of the punishment they asked for it. They knew what would happen.

I am not one to just jump and spank my kids. Thing 1 it’s a lot of talking to. She hates that. It works. Shes also old enough that spanking isn’t worth it, but she knows right from wrong.

Thing 2 we have a few things we do. I take away electronics. I try to redirect. I have a method of asking him what his choice in behavior is. Will he be a good boy or a monster?

I don’t choose to just spank my children. I do believe at times it is justified and that we can’t just spoil our children. We have to teach them right from wrong. We are raising the next generation.

The honest choice is up to the parents. I made the choice to warn my children so they know what to expect. They know they can correct their behavior. It’s all about making the right choice. I don’t want to raise spoiled children. I don’t want my kids to be out of control. I want to know I raised good children who become great adults that I am proud of.

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1 thought on “Do I spank my Children?”

  • I love your honesty, spanking is a touchy subject for so many. We choose to spank as a lat resort also but it came with a conversation about the known consequences, an I love you and a hug before we walked out of their room.

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