Social media and when my children can’t have it.

Social media and when my children can’t have it.

As a blogger, I like social media. I use it for everything. I have been around since before we had social media (no I’m not an old lady I’m 34 years old). I remember when all you had was AOL. Then it became Myspace to interact with people. Once Facebook came online it was so much easier to chat with people all over the world.

It’s hard to explain to my young children how you would at first go into these chat rooms. The safety of who you were talking to wasn’t there. The person never had a picture. Now you have Facebook and people with faces,  but you can be catfished (people who create fake accounts and pretend to be someone they are not).

I have a Facebook. I have an Instagram, Snapchat,

Linkden, Google+, and Twitter. I use social media to promote my blog. I have used and still use social media to post my books (that’s another story). I understand the benefit of social media.

I have friends all over the United States. Shoot! I have made friends all over the world. However, that’s not my concern with my children. My concern is over the wrong people trying to talk to my children.

I have thought about this long and hard. When did it become socially acceptable for people to send inappropriate pictures? You don’t say hi or nothing. It’s like right there in your face. It’s also one of the reasons why I am ashamed of the younger generation.

Now I grew up without having social media while i was in school. Praise God for that. I was bullied then. Knowing now that kids use social media to bullied. I’m not sorry for calling them kids either. A thirteen year old now does look like one when I was that age. You almost have to check the identification of some of todays youth. Girls dressing and doing their makeup like adults.

They are children and should be raised to be respectful adults. I want my children to just be children. They don’t have to worry about life issues, not yet.

I don’t want them to want to compete with peers on social media. I don’t want them to have to deal with being bullied at home. I will not stand for bullying period. I have no issues as their parent going up to the school and talking with the right person so the issue is dealt with.

What is the point of social media for a child under the age of fifteen? If my daughter chooses that she wants to be on Facebook then we will talk about it. I have instilled in her that until she is an adult I will be able to see her social media. It will be our account.

This doesn’t mean I don’t trust her. She has a laptop. She’s had it for a month and I haven’t looked at it. I will search it one day at random. For her safety and she knows this.

She owns and old iPhone that works on Wifi. I know the pin to it. I can look at that. I don’t because I trust her. If I ask to look at it she will hand it over.

I want her to know my goal isn’t to invade her privacy. It’s out of safety for her. I would mention my son, but he doesn’t understand all this yet.

They both know that while they live with me and aren’t adult that i am responsible for them. Keeping them safe, make sure they are raised right. I want to raise good and respectful adults.

Their world right now should be thinking about school and minor things. My children should not have to worry about social media.

It’s hard once your on not and very active to take time away. It’s a constant to want to be online looming or posting. Children have a lot to deal with as it is. Why add one more stresser to the table for them.

I love my children. This is what I chose to do for them. I know most people won’t agree with me. These are my children and how i want them to handle life right now. I could be wrong and I’m ok with that. My kids are happy and that’s all that matters to me.



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2 thoughts on “Social media and when my children can’t have it.”

  • I totally agree, it is so scary and I am not looking forward to the day I will have to deal with this. I’ll just enjoy while my kids are little with small problems… for now…

  • I completely agree with what you are saying, I am so glad I didn’t have social media growing up. The pressure on people today is immense .

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