Encourage your childs creativity

Encourage your childs creativity


The one thing that drive me mad is believing a child is lazy. I could say my eldest, Thing 1, is antisocial. However, she is just creative. As her mother I love to encourage her creativity and imagination.

My daughter is like me, very creative. I can write words and tell wonderful stories. She can draw. She loves to draw. For her birthday all I got her was sketch books, paint, canvases, colored pencils and more.

When she was in the second grade she would bring home stacks of books to read. I would ask her why she had so many. She would tell me that she understood what the teacher was telling her to do and would be done before everyone else. So, the teacher was sending her to the library. She has a mini library in her room now.

At school when she is done she will either read or draw. I love some of the things she comes up with. Sometimes she will see something and want to create a version of it for herself. Other times she does whatever works.

I am highly impressed with her style of drawing. I have a binder in my office with some of her artwork. I’m a terrible mother, not really.

One day a while back her room was bothering me. It was a mess and needed help. I proceeded to organize her room better. To my shock I found some of her artwork in the rash. Pieces still in good condition. I took it upon myself as her mother (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure) and took them for myself.

I chose to save them and keep them safe for me to show off one day. I’m not going to let good artwork go to the trash. Shame on her for doing that. If I have to get a bigger binder for keeping them, then I will.

I can say this. I don’t think she is lazy as she is showing her talent. Most children today are glued to a phone or tablet, or the tv. I have no issues letting my children explore their creativity.

I can say for another topic later about my son. He’s more hands on which means Lego’s. Lego’s are expensive. I can get a lot of art supplies for $20.

I can also see how many $20 I have spent on art supplies. She has lots of markers, crayons, colored pencils, pencils, pens, sharpie, paper, coloring books, and so so much more.

I could say there is a lot of clutter, but what I get to see from it is worth my time.


She even painted me a picture just for my blog. So to the parents out there with a creative child I tell you this. Some days you might be frustrated. There might be clutter of art supplies, Lego’s, or books. Please don’t be discouraged. Please don’t get frustrated with your child. Allow them to be creative. Let them tell you about their Lego creation, drawing, or book they read.

Allow you child to explore their creativity. Allow them to have an imagination. Let your children to be children and grow. They will have time when they are older to be adults. You only get so much time to be a child.




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4 thoughts on “Encourage your childs creativity”

  • I love the ideas here, I would like to do this with my little one. I will follow you for more ideas like this ones. Also, I like that gets bored zp they will find ways to be creative. Great post!!💕

  • Your daughter is adorable. She painted a picture for your blog, how creative work that is. Painting is a great art, your daughter is naturally talented. Let children play lego or sketching in drawing books, they become more confident while as a parent we appreciate them.

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