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I am a huge reader. I love books. The great thing about books is being able to get lost inside of a book and go on a grand adventure, or you can get lost in a romance story. Take a moment to read my review about Amazon’s tablet the Kindle.

I decided after having trouble with my Ipad 3 that I would get a kindle fire 7. I wanted something that I could hold all my ebook on. At the time I was building a nice collection.

Before I decided to buy the Kindle Fire 7 I had to weigh all my options. I knew I would possibly need to have an Amazon Prime membership. There are a lot of things that come with having a prime membership.

  • streamable movies/tv shows
  • prime reading
  • free two-day delivery
  • free same delivery
  • and so much more

Today I got a Kindle Fire 10. I am happy that I love it. The Kindle Fire 10 has a fantastic HD screen. The volume on it gets loud.

I am able to download games, videos via Amazon, so many Kindle books. I can get Netflix and Hulu, Facebook and so much more on my new Kindle. I wouldn’t recommend using it for as the main source to take pictures on.

I love to read and am a big video streamer. I can download hundreds of books to read. Whatever you do don’t ask me to check how many books I have downloaded it’s in the thousands. I do have a small addiction to books. I want my own library.

The downfall the Kindle is you need a wifi connection. For the most part, as long as you have movies, tv shows, or books saved to the device it’s great to use. It’s easy for travel and great on airplanes.

As for Amazon prime, it costs a nearly $99. To some its a big amount of money to drop all at once. There is a monthly cost of $12.99 a month. Either way, you are saving tons of money and time.

The cost of shipping alone pays for the membership with Amazon prime. The streamable movies and shows, books you can read, make it worth the money. Most of the time if there is a book or item you are looking to take a moment to look it up on Amazon to compare the price.

I am a huge fan of Amazon and the Kindle. My daughter loves how I have been able to purchase book box sets for cheap on Amazon. We just butt heads on whether one day she will ever read on her Kindle. The girl loves to hold a book in her hands.


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