Network marking and direct sales

Network marking and direct sales


What are network making and direct sales? A lot of the time you will see these words used in relation to a company that is more or less a multi-level markings business. That means a person at the top makes more by having people selling a product underneath them.

You will come across many MLM companies. I have come across companies that are so MLM that I would be unable to tell you anything about the product I am involved with.

I have worked for Beachbody. I liked shakeology and the workouts I picked. However, I am not a fitness person. Plus I found it hard to sell such a costly product.

I have been introduced to Plexis and ItWorks. My issue is you have to love what you sell, but again people have to want to get healthy. Also, they should be able to afford the products.

I have seen so many beauty products and candles. A lot of these is getting people to join with you and still buy the product.

I joined with Hello Pink. Yes, I can build a team. I don’t have too. I can sell the clothing from my own website.

I love what I am selling. It’s comfortable, affordable, and fashionable clothing. They are American made products. Plus, I am able to work from my home.

I have created a Facebook group. I did this so I am able to post new available items for purchase. One thing I have learned is I make a post on Facebook inviting people to join with me, I just don’t randomly add people.

You have to be careful when you join a direct sales company. People don’t like cold sales. They don’t appreciate you randomly messaging them and just going on about what you’re selling. It makes people not was to buy from you. Another thing is people don’t like just randomly being added to your Facebook group. Its rude. We should all have some respect and allow people to join our groups if they want to.

I love what I am doing and will keep doing it. My goal is to be successful and to allow others to be successful with me.


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