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How I tell my son, with ADHD, to clean his room.

    There is no way I am able to just tell my son, with ADHD, to clean his room. I love him to death, but it’s more of a punishment for me to just […]

My life as a stay at home mom.

  November of 2008 I decided to become a stay at home mom. I have loved every minute of being a stay at home mom. At the beginning I only had my daughter. I wasn’t […]

Do I spank my children? Part 2

  Something I have learned from being a child that was spanked is love. I was punished, spanked, and yelled at. I learned from that is sometimes it actually does the opposite of what you […]

Do I spank my Children?

    I was spanked as a child. Now in no way am I saying don’t spank your child. However, I do believe that the punishment should fit the crime. I have told both my […]

Having a child with ADHD doesn’t make me a bad mother

I love my son. I know we have our struggles. His reading and writing skills are in need of improvement. However, try explaining that you have a child with ADHD to the family.   As […]

I am not your Mother!!

  Okay before you get on to me let me explain this. I am the mother of two children. I love them dearly. I gave birth to the via c-section. So, that would mean that […]

Mommy Needs a Timeout

  Some days I want to scream at my children. Then I realize it’s not their fault. It’s the weekday war that begins my day. Monday mornings are a race. I have to get myself […]

Thing 2: The deadly Lego’s

  I asked my son what he wanted for Christmas early last year. “Lego’s.” I was determined that he got Lego’s. I would add some other items to the list. Each year I went black […]

Coffee is my love language

I’m a mother of two wonderful children. My youngest, my baby boy, has ADHD. Normally my day would consist of a cup of coffee. Let me tell you about how awesome coffee can lie to […]

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