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We tend to forget what Memorial Day is all about.

  When is Memorial Day? It typically falls on the last Monday in the month of May. What did you and your family do for Memorial Day? How did you celebrate the holiday? When someone […]

Kindle Fire

I am a huge reader. I love books. The great thing about books is being able to get lost inside of a book and go on a grand adventure, or you can get lost in […]

Please don’t talk about your mental illness.

    “You shouldn’t talk about your mental illness.” Wow! When did I get the plague? Mental illness is a disease. It’s more like a chemical imbalance of the mind. However, most people what to […]

This is me!! I am a mother dealing with mental illnesses

      This is me!! I am a mother. That happens to be a title that defines me. I am a woman. I am also on the list of people with a mental illness, […]

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